As an artist, I am often drawn to exploring complex social issues through my work; this piece is no exception. My charcoal drawing on paper, a silhouette abstraction of black on white, is a visual representation of the diminished voice of women in today's western culture. 
The image depicts women's struggle to be heard and the frustrating reality of their words falling on the deaf ears of male interests. The work reflects how my voice has got weaker with age and since I created the first iteration using cut paper and sticky tape to represent a transient lack of permanence and how flimsily held together our society is.

Using the technique of silhouette abstraction, I sought to create a stark contrast between the bold silhouettes of the female figures and the emptiness of the white background. This approach allows the viewer to focus on the shape and contours of the figure while also emphasizing the void and silence surrounding it.

Women's voices are often silenced, dismissed, or even ridiculed in our current culture. This is a significant problem that needs to be addressed, and my artwork is my contribution to that conversation. By bringing attention to the diminished voice of women, I encourage discussion, reflection, and change.

Through my charcoal drawing, I aim to convey a sense of urgency and frustration that women experience daily. I want viewers to see the struggle and pain that comes from being unheard and ignored. Ultimately, my artwork is a call to action, asking viewers to recognize the problem and take steps to amplify women's voices in our society.

In creating this piece, I drew inspiration from the strong and resilient women who have come before us, who have fought tirelessly for their rights and for their voices to be heard. Their struggle is ongoing, and my artwork is a tribute to their courage and perseverance.

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